“Thank you for sharing, Will Smith, but that’s enough” Thanksgiving links

We’re all happy that Will Smith trusts us enough to share his many thoughts, but the headlines from his book promotion are a tragic case of TMI. [Gawker]
Kim Kardashian gave Pete Davidson a hickey?? Gross. [Dlisted]
Hailee Steinfeld’s fashion tour for Hawkeye has been amazing. [Just Jared]
Emily Ratajkowski wore hot pink Valentino. [RCFA]
Is Kirsten Dunst underrated, or is she just picking better projects? [Pajiba]
If I had Halle Berry’s figure, I would not dress like this. [Go Fug Yourself]
Sandra Bullock and the purple trend. [LaineyGossip]
China & Russia are furious over Joe Biden’s snubs. [Towleroad]
A wonderful photography exhibition about Native Americans. [Buzzfeed]
Addison Rae’s fire pit is cool and that’s all I’ve got. [Egotastic]
Angelina Jolie’s very first film role. [Seriously OMG]

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! XOXO, Celebitchy, Kaiser, Hecate & Oya

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