Summer Walker Seems Unbothered by Tokyo Toni’s Threats

Prior to this, the mom of Blac Chyna ripped the ‘Girls Need Love’ hitmaker in a series of scathing Instagram comments after the singer called her a ‘terrible’ mom for the video vixen.

AceShowbizSummer Walker responded to Tokyo Toni‘s scathing comments about her. The “CPR” songstress took to an Instagram comment to share her reaction to the latter’s post, in which the mom of Blac Chyna ripped her for being a “terrible” mom for the video vixen.

Judging by her reaction, Summer apparently was unfazed by Tokyo’s threatening remarks for her. In an Instagram comment underneath The Shade Room’s post about their drama, the “Girls Need Love” hitmaker wrote, “A hit dog will holler, bless her soul. ” She also added a heart icon at the end of her comment.

Her comment arrived after Tokyo slammed her in a series of scathing Instagram comments. The 50-year-old penned, “Girl let me tell you something. Don’t open your raggedy mouth with my name coming out of it again. If you want a clout chase come flush the toilet when I’m [finished] @summerwalker.” She went on to blast the singer, “Listen, little girl. Your [lost], confused, and a puppy. Where is your baby daddy? Didn’t want you after that disposable p***ycat huh? Lol girl keep my name out of your mouth before I put something in it deeper than what’s been in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Not stopping there, Tokyo continued fuming, “Do you understand me? I’ll [Floyd Mayweather, Jr.] you and then drag you like a tractor-trailer to a piece of roadkill, do you understand me?” She threatened, “Don’t use my name again girl, don’t say my name again girl don’t you say my name again girl or my promises will be A1 on your list!!!! @summerwalker.”

Prior to this, Summer made use of her own page to share her opinion on Tokyo’s relationship with her famous daughter. “Oh my God… I was just watching Chyna’s show on Zeus cause I finally had some time to myself and I feel so bad for her…,” so Summer wrote. She then opined, “Her mom treated her so terrible. Like that was really crazy, my heart hurts.”

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