Steve Carell Recreates Iconic ’40-Year-Old Virgin’ Kelly Clarkson Scream – Watch!

Steve Carell is recreating one of his most iconic movie moments!

The 57-year-old actor stopped by Kelly Clarkson‘s new talk show to introduce her with his famed line from The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

In the 2005 flick, Steve‘s character screams Kelly‘s name while getting his chest waxed.

After Steve‘s intro, Kelly made sure to thank him for serving as the show’s guest announcer.

“A very special thank you to my guest announcer Steve Carell. When I signed on to this show, I was like, ‘Is it possible to get him to shout my name on the very first episode?’ and it happened! Like, what is my life? Yeah, he’s really nice,” Kelly said.

Check out Steve Carell‘s Kelly Clarkson introduction below…

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