Simon Rimmer: ‘It’s hard’ Sunday Brunch host addresses Channel 4 show ‘challenges’

Simon Rimmer, 55, has been a firm fixture on Sunday Brunch alongside his co-star Tim Lovejoy, 51, since the show’s inception in 2012. The TV chef revealed when it comes to cooking for guests, they do have to take into account people’s eating habits because more people are following diets which he added makes it a “bit harder”. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk: “I always wanted to make sure when we’re cooking for guests we don’t just say you’re vegetarian but we’re cooking veal. “But now, more and more people have a diet that they follow.”

So extreme

Simon Rimmer

He continued: “It’s a lifestyle choice more than a necessity and that does make it a bit harder.

“You know you get someone who says I don’t eat foods beginning with a ‘Y’. You do get a lot more of that.”

Simon said he wanted to make sure all of the guests are catered too but at the same time, doesn’t want to exclude viewers.

The small-screen star said: “But the challenge of that is we want to make sure we look after guests but also editorially you can’t do things that are so extreme that viewers at home are like ‘What?’

“You have to get that balance so you don’t alienate viewers.”

Elsewhere, the TV chef recently addressed the future of the Sunday breakfast show as he admitted he and his co-presenter will know when the show “has had its day”.

Referring to Sunday Brunch as the “best job in the world” he revealed his love for the programme is “genuine”.

Simon said: “You know what, I genuinely love it [the show]. From the first week we did it.

“I don’t think there is any other job in the world where you’d get to hang out with your mates for three hours, get to cook, drink, meet interesting people and relax on the sofa while people perform live music, which is exactly what we do on the show.”

He continued: “I think Tim and I will know when Sunday Brunch has had its day.

“I think we go in loving what we’re doing all the time. We’re very lucky. It’s the best job in the world.”

Simon and Tim have worked together as co-presenters for 12 years and the former said the pair do consider each other good friends.

Speaking about whether the TV duo have ever had any disagreements, the TV chef admitted it has only ever been over football.

He divulged: “We’ve worked together for 12 years. I think the good thing about our relationship is we’re not vying for the same turf.

“We both want the same things. We want the show to be brilliant, we want the show to be fun. We want it to be comical and that’s exactly what it is.”

He added: “I think the only thing we’ve fallen out about is football. We’re very fortunate. We have a great relationship. We’re very close friends and massively supportive of each other.”

Sunday Brunch airs today on Channel 4 at 9.30am.

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