Shirley Ballas breaks silence on claims some Strictly pros refused vaccine after backlash

Shirley Ballas discusses her new book on Saturday Kitchen

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Shirley Ballas, 61, has made her stance clear on whether people should be taking the Covid jab or not. The Strictly Come Dancing judge herself is now fully vaccinated after contracting the disease earlier this year.

Shirley recounted her coronavirus ordeal during a new interview.

She said: “It was just after my first vaccination, I was in bed for two weeks and it was six weeks before I could walk up and down the stairs without getting out of breath.

“I’m used to doing an hour on my Peloton, now I couldn’t do five minutes.”

The TV star admitted to The Times that while she “prefers to take” the vaccine, she leaves it up to other people to decide whether they want to be inoculated too.

She explained: “My heart goes out to every person who doesn’t know what to do.

“I don’t judge other people’s choices.

“I’m not a doctor, but I prefer to take it.”

Shirley recently sparked health concerns amongst Strictly fans after they spotted “something” under her arm.

As a result, the Strictly star underwent multiple tests to determine whether the lump was something more serious.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the lump as she lifted her right arm in the air to display a point about a Paso Doble on the show.

The concerned viewers then contacted Shirley to let her know.

Shirley explained: “One, two, three viewers got in touch to say they thought they’d seen something under my arm.”

“They kept saying, ‘Have you checked it?’

“I get a lot of strange people hounding me, but then more people joined in, eight or nine, and I began to think, ‘Well, this can’t all be trolls.’”

So the judge visited her NHS GP, who “prodded and poked around and said she couldn’t feel anything”.

She continued: “She said, ‘We tried to get hold of you, but you didn’t get back to us.’ Well, you know how you overlook things sometimes.”

Shirley then underwent further tests and “when they came back the GP wasn’t happy because my testosterone’s that of a man.”

She continued: “She said, ‘That’s alarmingly high. It can wreak havoc on the organs.'”

Meanwhile, Shirley’s oestrogen levels were “almost zero”.

She has now had check-ups to her ovaries, kidneys, and adrenal glands at King’s College Hospital.

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