Shawn Mendes Sends Fans Into Frenzy With New Shirtless Photos

Shawn Mendes really is giving us THE content this week!

The 22-year-old singer shared a few shirtless snaps on Thursday (August 5) from his trip to Spain.

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Shawn is in the European country with a group of people, including girlfriend Camila Cabello. He’s reportedly filming a music video while in Spain!

The new shirtless snaps feature Shawn in the clear water, and were taken by Sylvie Stile Konner. The photos also have the singer’s fans feeling some type of way.

“Shawn Mendes has the most perfect hottest body in existence,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I know they’re all over social media but GOOD GOD look at Shawn Mendes 😍,” another wrote.

“shawn mendes in spain is the reason why i’m still alive,” a fan said. #Relatable

Shawn also shared a video of him playing guitar and singing on the beach the day before. One fan wrote, “No cuz he’s so cute and tiny, I might actually put him in my pocket,” to which he replied, “I’d like to be in your pocket”

Check out all of the photos in the gallery and see the video below!

Earlier this summer, Shawn showed off his body in two new magazine spreads, and before that, he shared a cute shirtless snap after a workout.


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