Scott Disick Is Looking for a New Treatment Facility After Checking Out of Rehab Over a Photo Leak

A lot has been going on in the world lately (see: the global coronavirus pandemic), so you might have missed the news that Scott Disick left a rehab facility in Colorado where he was dealing with “past traumas” earlier this month. A source revealed that “He had a lot of guidance from Kourtney and she demanded that he get help…Kourtney won’t allow him around the kids unless he gets treatment.” Sofia Richie was also worried about Scott, and a source shared that Sofia became “extremely concerned with the choices he was making and how out of control he became very quickly.”

However, the reason why Scott checked out of rehab isn’t because he’s feeling healthier, but rather because of privacy concerns—a photo of him in a Zoom meeting was published online. Scott’s lawyer Marty Singer has said that Scott will be pursuing legal action against the facility for the photo leak, but for now, he’s back home and thinking about what he’ll do next.

And according to a report from E!, it sounds like Scott is seriously considering heading to another treatment facility. A source shared that Scott “hasn’t figured out his next rehab move,” but for now is “considering a few treatment facilities who are reliable” and “figuring out his options as discretely as possible.” The source also adds that “Scott is still very upset and angry at what happened. He is trying to stay low key and isn’t leaving the house much.”

So here’s hoping that Scott finds the help that he needs to feel better!

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