Scooter Braun did an intensive spiritual retreat before separating from his wife

As we discussed, it looks like Scooter Braun and his wife Yael Cohen have separated. It had the feel of something that happened rather suddenly, but who knows. Sources stress that no one is talking about divorce, and that Scooter is committed to working things out. Scooter is best known as a music manager and (now) music executive who works with artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. He and Taylor Swift have had a long-running beef, which means that Taylor’s Snake Army has been all over the news about Scooter and Yael. So… I wonder what the Snake Fam will think about this – before he separated from his wife, Scooter did an intense spiritual retreat:

In the months before he separated from his wife, Scooter Braun secretly checked into an “intense psycho-spiritual retreat.” Back in the fall, sources told Page Six that Braun had entered the seven-day Hoffman Process program, which is all the rage at the moment in LA. But when we reached out for comment, Braun lied, denying that he’d ever been there.

Then in June — shortly before Page Six revealed that he’s separated from his wife, Yael, after seven years of marriage — Braun admitted in a podcast that he had, in fact, gone to the retreat after having the “darkest” thoughts of his life.

“My wife and I began to hear all kinds of rumors, like ‘[Scooter] has gone crazy.’ But it wasn’t that. It was just feeling like I wasn’t present in my life, and [feeling] like the people around me who loved me, I felt their hurt,” he said on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast. “Because, one, we’re all coming in with our own trauma, and weirdly our trauma was matching up, and … I couldn’t fix it. And I’m a fixer. Since I was a kid, I was the guy who was going to make it OK for everybody. And I just couldn’t fix things in this moment in time.”

The super-manager — who counts Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato as clients — said that he “started to spiral.”

He said eventually, “a very dark thought came into my head — the ultimate ‘I’m not enough;’ the ultimate ‘I shouldn’t be here.’ I immediately thought — what are you doing here? And I’ve never gone that dark. And I signed up for the Hoffman Project the next day.”

Later in the podcast, Braun said that he’d made plans to go to the Napa facility four times in the past and canceled each time, but he explained to Shetty why he finally decided to attend.

“You know what happened? My wife Yael, and my children,” he said. “I learned I love someone more than me, and loving them made me go do the work.”

Rumors of disquiet between Braun and the mining heiress and F**k Cancer founder have been rattling around the LA music business for more than a month. But Page Six reported on Sunday that though the pair have decided to separate, they currently have no plans to divorce, according to sources close to the couple.

On its site, the Hoffman Process — which has treated Bieber, Sienna Miller and Katy Perry — calls the experience “a 7-day soul-searching, healing retreat of transformation & development for people who feel stuck in one or more important areas of their life.” It promises participants they can “Make peace with your past, release from negative behaviors, [achieve] emotional healing & forgiveness, [discover] your authentic self” and have “improved relationships.”

[From Page Six]

I spent about a minute reading about the Hoffman Process and it just sounds like a one-week spa-and-talk-therapy thing. Personally, I don’t think that kind of therapy will work if it’s just for one week! You know what I mean? Sure, it’s intensive but where’s the follow-up and the follow-through? But it sounds like something that will become the latest celebrity fad. One week of intensive therapy is the new lifestyle blog! As for what Scooter said about it… I don’t know, it sounds more like he was having a midlife crisis and/or marriage trouble. But who knows.

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