Samira Mighty slams Love Island for failing ‘token’ black contestants

Former Love Island star Samira Mighty has hit out at the ITV2 show for failing contestants from ethnic minorities.

The 22-year-old reality beauty – who is now a West End star and featured on the show in 2018 – says producers are failing in their audition process to find contestants who desire women who are not “blonde with big boobs”.

Samira – who featured on series four of Love Island for six weeks on the show before walking out after finding love with Frankie Foster – fears current contestant Yewande Biala, 23, is going through the same experience that she did.

The stage star says she was disappointed when she saw that Yewande was not picked by any of the male contestants during the first coupling ceremony – and says showmakers are failing to find contestants who desire more diversity when it comes to dating.

“I was obviously the token [black woman] on the show, it was easy to work that out. I only had to look at the line of girls when I arrived at the villa,” she told The Mail on Sunday.

“There was nobody else who looked like me. ITV are desperate to be diverse, but that is coming across in a way that is quite unfortunate for them. Yewande is a token, too, it's obvious what is happening,” she continued- going on to suggest she is anxious Yewande is also being sidelined when it comes to the filming process.

“She is the only black girl, and has had little interest from the men, who seem to like blonde white girls with big boobs – or any screen time as a result… We haven't seen Yewande's personality,” Samira said.

Yewande is a scientist from Dublin but failed to be paired with anyone and was only kissed on Love Island as part of a challenge.

Samira suggests the audition process of Love Island has let both her and Yewande down.

“ITV have tried. But I thought the programme-makers would make sure there would be someone in the line-up who likes black girls, but no, nobody went for Yewande. She was just standing there and none of the boys were looking at her,” she said.

“Anton, from this year's cast, actually admitted he prefers white girls with big boobs. The thing is, though, you never hear anyone on the show say that they like black girls. I think ITV don't want that going out on screen, but it is OK to say, 'I love blondes’,” she added.

ITV themselves released a statement to say they work to ensure diversity is celebrated in the show.

“We celebrate diversity of every sort and this year's Love Islanders come from a diverse range of backgrounds with a mix of personalities,” their statement reads.

The current line up of 13 contestants includes five of black and mixed race – however Samira thinks ITV could do more to promote diversity by including men and women of Insane and Chinese backgrounds.

It is not just Samira who has noted the apparent repetition on Love Island of black contestants having the least luck during coupling processes.

Viewers have taken to social media to complain of the fact black hopefuls are left on the shelf as couples match up.

While 2017 contestant and former Blazin’ Squad band member Marcel Somerville said his confidence was knocked when he appeared on series 3 of the show only to not get picked in the first coupling ceremony of his series.

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