Sam Gowland accuses Chloe Ferry of CHEATING on him in savage video where he explains ‘real reason’ pair split

Former Love Island star Sam Gowland has lashed out at his former girlfriend Chloe Ferry in a shock Instagram video, where he accuses the reality star of cheating on him during their relationship.

The 24 year old reality star had been dating the MTV star, 23, for over a year and a half – but the couple called time on their romance in May.

Despite getting back together, the duo called it quits again just weeks ago – and Sam has now given his side of the story as to why their relationship ended in the first place.

Georgia Harrison’s ex made the shock allegations Chloe cheated on him during a trip to Ibiza, and says the revelation will come to light on Geordie Shore.

In a video, he said: “I feel like I’ve kept my mouth quiet for far too long on the whole situation with me and Chloe, it’s been very one sided.

“I didn’t really want to do this. I’ll tell you the real reason. So, we split up, it wasn’t working, then we got back together and went to Magaluf working together on a PA.

“From Magaluf I flew to Ibiza – I was only there two days – I come back from Ibiza and on the day I come back, Chloe flew to Ibiza. She cheated on me in Ibiza while she was texting me saying ‘Sam please get me a flight home, I don’t want to be here.’

“Then she got an early flight home, came back, was begging to get back together, so then we did give it another go because I was none the wiser.”

Sam then claims the news of her alleged cheating came to light while the pair were filming for the new season of Geordie Shore – which he says will air in a matter of weeks.

He continued: “Then we went back to Geordie Shore filming, not thinking that her friends who she went to Ibiza with knew that she cheated on me. So when we got into Geordie Shore which is all going to be on TV, they told me on camera that she cheated on me in Ibiza.

“So all this is on camera. This will all be aired in a month and a half. So obviously I kicked off on Geordie, so I left the house for a couple of days. So that was that, I left. I thought, I cannot be a***d being around her.

“So then she does that thing where she needs attention, so she blocks me on Instagram… time passed, that was sort of that, and it was a bit messy because we’re sort of in and out of the same house. We started talking as mates, and I sort of forgot about it because when you love someone, at the time you’ll do anything to make it work.

“Because I wanted to make it work, we sort of were mates, then we fell back into the same routine where we were going for dinner… it was my birthday last Friday. So i was meant to be going to Edinburgh.”

He then claimed Chloe took him for a romantic getaway in a log cabin for his birthday.

But days later, OK! online exclusively revealed she had spent the night with Celebs Go Dating star Jack Fincham.

He added: “Yesterday she went out after all this, and s****d someone else! Bit of a mug me being too nice for too long… lesson learned. Never trust Chloe Ferry.

“I didn’t want to out her, but it’s annoying she can s**g us off and try and ruin me… all this stuff I’ve not said, so I just want to get it out there now so people realise. That’s the craic anywhere.”

A representative for Chloe declined to comment when approached by OK! online.

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