Rupert Everett confessed to Brexit ‘friction’ with Leave-voting mother

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The British actor, 61, will divulge candid accounts from his past on tonight’s episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories on ITV. Everett, who famously played Oscar Wilde in The Happy Prince, has admitted there were tensions within his family. He claimed being raised in a “regimented, militaristic background” by them made him “a frosty person”.

Everett argued he was able to break away from that upbringing after he came out as gay and relished the London nightclub scene. 

He believed every romantic encounter helped to “knock that down and destroy” those values, which he felt led him to understand who he really was.

The film star said: “I felt I had lost myself from my own previous life, that is what I felt.”

This wasn’t the only clash with his family though, as Everett revealed their contrasting political opinions.

The star claimed the differences led to rows while he lived with his mother Sarah Maclean Everett, her partner and their dog Pluto.

Everett described his mother as “set in her ways” during an interview on Desert Island Discs last year.

Overall, he believed them all living together was “great” but acknowledged they had different thoughts about the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. 

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Everett said: “I live in her house or she lives in my house.”

He claimed that “who lived with who” depended on “whichever one of us you are listening to”.

Everett continued: “She is 85 and set in her ways [and] a Brexiteer.

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“I am 60 and set in my ways and a Remainer.

“There is obviously a certain amount of friction but also it is great.”

Everett admitted he had enjoyed a “very quiet life” in recent years and was “not very social”.

He joked about being a “kind of country blob most of the time”, but at times liked to return to busier surroundings.

However, Everett added: “I come up to town and almost get run over every time I cross the road.”

Before his remarks about Brexit, the star admitted to having nearly-always backed the Labour Party in general elections.

But he confessed he wasn’t keen on the line-up of politicians back in 2017.

Everett felt the country needed “someone young and energetic” to lead the party, during an interview with the Evening Standard.

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Jeremy Corbyn was Labour leader for five years from 2015 before he was replaced by Sir Keir Starmer in 2020.

Before Labour’s new leader took over, Everett moaned: “We have old farts on the Left and Right.

“They’re like old slappers that have been on the block too long.”

Everett admitted that he didn’t “like Jeremy Corbyn at all” and was equally unimpressed with John McDonnell, the former Shadow Chancellor.

Everett also revealed he “loathed” former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.

The star claimed he abstained from voting in the 2017 general election, as he “didn’t think anyone was coming up with anything that would keep the country moving”.

Everett noted he had “always voted Labour, except for once”. 

He cast his ballot for the Conservative Party because he feared Ed Miliband “was trying to take Labour in the direction it’s going now”.

Reflecting on that decision, Everett concluded: “I regretted it.”

Rupert Everett will feature on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, which airs at 9pm tonight on ITV.

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