Rob Beckett hits back in best way after he’s labelled ‘chubby’

Comedian Rob Beckett has hit out after being labelled 'chubby' in a newspaper column, taking to Instagram to retaliate to the offensive description.

The 33-year-old funnyman posted an image of the paragraph, captioning it: “Chubby!? I prefer ‘solid girth around the midsection’.”

The Essex boy, who has been dubbed “The Mouth of the South” for his extra-toothy smile, shared the post with his 307,000 followers.

The offensive description also labelled fellow comedian Romesh Ranganathan “wonky-eyed”.

The pair jointly host “Rob & Romesh Vs” on Sky, where they get to know their idols from sport and beyond.

Fans of the popular comedian were quick to jump to his and his co-host’s defence, with one commenting: “Who wrote that? Why’s it ok to say wonky eyed?

“Myself and my son are partially sighted with amblyopia.

“Is it ok to say this but not all the other abuse disabled people used to hear but are now not PC to say?!”

Another slammed the comment as “rude” while others questioned why any reference to Rob’s weight mattered at all.

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