Queen Elizabeth had a Trooping parade in Windsor as London devolved into chaos

Imagine for a moment that you’re living through an extraordinary moment in time, where the world in flux because of a global recession just moments away from becoming a depression, a global pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of people, and a global movement to end the oppression, brutality and murder of communities of color. Now imagine that it’s not really your birthday, but you love to pretend that it’s your birthday, and after doing and saying f–k all about any of those huge issues, you demand that taxpayers finance a very special parade for your fake ass birthday at your special castle. And the cherry on top: imagine this ^^ is the face you make when someone tries to take a photo of you as you “enjoy” your special parade.

So it is with Queen Elizabeth II, who authorized a special Trooping the Colour event at Windsor Castle this weekend. Liz’s inability to read the room remains GOAT-level. On Saturday, the same day as the “Pandemic Trooping” event in London, there were mass demonstrations in London and violent clashes between far-right racist fascists, the police and Black Lives Matter activists. But hey, here’s Queeny enjoying her parade, feel better about Britain??

A few reminders – the Queen has only made one speech about the pandemic, and she barely even mentioned the actual VIRUS, it was all vague sentiments about staying strong and resilient and whatever. She made the speech too late, and she hasn’t said anything else about the pandemic since then. Which is remarkable, when you think about it, because this pseudo-Trooping event is probably one of the only times we’ll see her “live” at an event for the next eight months or so. It’s also notable that she was all too happy to celebrate herself, yet she can’t be f–king bothered to say one word about whether she actually believes that black lives matter (hint: she does not). Last thing: this would have been a great opportunity to lead by example and wear a f–king mask. She did not.

The cognitive dissonance between these two videos, my God.

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— The New York Times (@nytimes) June 13, 2020

📺 Footage courtesy of the BBC. pic.twitter.com/NKCqB5fIMn

— The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) June 13, 2020

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