Princess Eugenie Acts Like Hollywood Star Due To Meghan Markle

Princess Eugenie is following Meghan Markle’s lead and living like a Hollywood star — but royal insiders are not happy with her change of attitude.

The Queen’s sixth grandchild has hit British taxpayers with a bill for a celebrity minder who is an expert in counter terrorism. Former cop Ken Pennington – who spent 30 years battling terrorist paramilitaries in Belfast during Northern Ireland’s so-called Troubles — is the one who helps guard the princess.

“I’ve personally stood beside the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, HRH Edward, HRH Andrew, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton,” the minder, who once watched over Bill Clinton, 72, told RadarOnline.com.

When asked if he was working with Princess Eugenie, 29, he added: “She’s brilliant, very funny and very smart. I’m frequently in touch with her.”

It’s understood Pennington advises her on trips connected to her Anti-Slavery Collective that targets people traffickers. But a royal source said her behavior was part of the “Meghan effect” that has led even minor royals to act like “privileged celebrities”.

Radar readers know the actress-turned-Duchess has been deemed a demanding “diva” by royal insiders; and now, it seems her attitude has turned contagious.

“Princess Eugenie is getting way above her station,” added the insider. “The fact she thinks she is worthy of a foremost expert in counter-terrorism when she’s flouncing around the world lecturing on slavery — something of which she has no personal experience of — is ridiculous.”

The news comes after a source told Radar Kate Middleton was hiring a team of stylists to make her look as good as Meghan, 37.

“Because of Meghan’s Hollywood-style behavior, it seems there’s a competition going on among younger royals about who can look most glamorous and have the most status — all of which costs the taxpayer a lot of money. It’s nonsense,” said the source.

Readers recall Eugenie was slammed for splashing more than $2.5million on her wedding to wine merchant Jack Brooksbank, in October 2018, six months after Meghan and Prince Harry’s lavish nuptials. She was said to have been desperate to compete with the former Suits star’s $40million ceremony — even though the BBC refused to televise Eugenie’s wedding.

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