Pippa Middleton Is Expecting Her Third Child With Her Husband, James Matthews

Surprise, world! Kate Middleton’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton, is pregnant again. And make that very pregnant.

Pippa and her husband, James Matthews, are expecting their third child together, according to People, which says “multiple sources” confirm the big news. One of those sources is “the eyeballs of everyone who saw pictures of Pippa at the Platinum Jubilee this weekend,” where she very casually debuted *quite* the baby bump.

Specifically, royal fans were treated to the very big visual clue that Pippa is expecting on Saturday, when she turned out to attend the Party at the Palace concert outside of Buckingham Palace. BEHOLD:

Pippa was the living embodiment of the stereotype about pregnancy glows in pictures from the event, in which she wore a bright green top and looked truly overjoyed at pretty much every moment:

This very high profile baby bump debut might be Pippa’s official way of announcing the pregnancy publicly, because, according to People, her rep declined their request for an official comment on the news.

At any rate, the new baby will be the littlest sibling to Pippa and James’ other kids, Arthur, 3, and Grace, 1. Sources say the couple is beyond excited to be growing their family again, telling Page Six, that they are “so happy” to be expecting again and describing Pippa as a “natural mama.”

This tracks with previous statements Pippa and James have made about parenthood. In 2016, before they had even tied the knot, sources close to Pippa told People that the low-key couple had no interest in the spotlight that comes with being related to royalty and were already focused on building a future that revolved around “having children and leading a quiet life.”

All kinds of congratulations to Pippa, James, and the rest of their respective families.

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