Peter Andre shows off toned six-pack and boasts about training in topless pic

Peter Andre has shown off his sexy dad bod in a shirtless snap and he looks incredible.

The 46-year-old singer looks super-toned and trim as he boasted about training hard and being a "foodie".

In the eye-popping snap, Peter held his camera up high, fully aware that the snap captured his whole torso so his fans could get a good look at his abs.

"Oh oh oh oh….. clever lyrics really," he joked in reference to his own song Mysterious Girl, adding: "I keep training and eat the foods I love…. #foodie #hiittraining."

His shirtless snap drew attention from his 1.2million fans, who were loving Pete's photo.

"Oh stop it Pete n put some clothes on our giving me hot flushes," one starstruck fan wrote.

Another gushed: "1 word….WOW."

And a third made a funny confession to the star: "I remember embarrassing myself in the green room of Tyne tees studios about 20 years ago when u asked me where the nearest gym was and I was like really u don't need a gym lol x."

The heartthrob also embraced his natural curls in the photo, which concealed his face from view.

He recently opened up about bullying at school which made him feel insecure about his curly hair, and took to Instagram to ask fans for their opinion.

Peter said: "For so many years I would never wear my hair curly because I would get picked on as a kid, but I don't know, I'm trying to adopt them, what do you reckon? Just say yes or no.

"Thing is, I know it's got to be what I'm comfortable with but at the moment I'm not comfortable wearing it curly. Pretty long, eh?

"Does anyone care? No."

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