Open Post: Hosted By Miley Cyrus' $20 Condom

Chirpy time-lost hippie Miley Cyrus dropped an EP on Friday and she’s trying to get some attention for it by selling $20 condoms on her official website. Let me say this – if the rubber’s costing you two sawbucks EACH, whatever you’re putting that rubber into better be mint. You can get a condom out of a machine in a dive bar for a buck!

People reports the arrival of Miley’s new record, the six-tracked She Is Coming (we see what you did there, Destiny), has been accompanied by a bunch of branded merchandise. Including dick wrappers which come (see what I did there) with a digital download of the record.

The condoms, which are sold individually for $20, come in a black wrapper with “She is coming” and “1-833-SHE-IS-MC” written on the outside in white.

In addition to rubbers, Cyrus is also selling t-shirts, hoodies, and posters having to do with the record’s theme which appears to be fucking.

The phone number is also featured on a T-shirt and sweatshirt available on her website. Other merchandise released with the EP includes more clothes and a poster — one sweatshirt has the phrase “phone sex is safe sex” written on it.

The EP includes guest appearances by Ghostface Killah and Rupaul. Ru’s guest rap on the track “Cattitude” is priceless in its filth.

Ride, shine, clock said pussy time
Bust my pussy nut while I’m fingering your butt
Do I suck dick? You ain’t seen shit
Throw a C-note, watch you slide down my throat
Yeah, my pussy fine, I pop it ’cause it’s mine
I don’t give a fuck if they call me a slut
What I do with a dick, elect me president
Put tears in his eyes when I milk a brother dry

Can they get all of THAT on one of her t-shirts or the condom wrapper? Now THAT I’d buy.

Pic: Miley Cyrus

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