‘Not easy at all!’ Paul McKenna details most unlikely phobias he’s helped people control

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Hypnotist to the stars Paul McKenna has opened up on the most unlikely phobias he’s helped people control. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the broadcaster and author, 58, spoke about his campaign with supermarket Aldi, which saw him create a Save Our Sprouts trance to convert the nation’s brussel sprout haters into sprout lovers in time for Christmas.

It might be amusing the rest of us, but it’s not easy at all

Paul McKenna

When asked about the strangest phobias he’s helped people to overcome, the hypnotist admitted that there had been quite a few.

Speaking about an event he’d hosted, Paul recalled a woman who had a phobia of jelly.

He went on to explain that she became terrified upon watching it wobble.

He also relayed an experience of treating a man who had ended up getting a woman pregnant due to his phobia of latex.

Paul explained: “There was a guy who’s frightened of rubber, so anything he thought was rubber like a balloon or, you know, he got a girl pregnant because he thought, you know, that’s a condom.

“Even though some of these things are polymer plastics.”

However, after being hypnotised, Paul told how the man was soon cured of his latex phobia.

“But this was on a TV show here, a Ruby Wax show, and we put him in a rubber dinghy with balloons and all sorts of things when he was cured,” he explained.

“I mean it’s silly, but it’s not stupid.”

Paul went on to explain that despite some phobias appearing to be amusing, it isn’t “easy” for the patient to deal with.

He said: “Because what it does is it shows how these people are genuinely frightened, it might be amusing the rest of us, but it’s not easy at all.

“So once they kill it, they go, ‘Wow, I can have a snake around my neck, I can go to the dentist, I can get in an elevator, etc.'”

Addressing the campaign with Aldi, Paul told how it was a perfect example to show how hypnotherapy can help people overcome phobias.

He said: “So what I’m doing is I’m using a light-hearted example, to demonstrate an important principle, which is that we can change our opinions about things very quickly.

“You know, people are always telling me it takes 21 days to change a habit.

“I’ve seen people change a habit in 21 seconds,” he insisted.

Paul is joining forces with Aldi to turn the nation’s 15 million sprouts haters in sprouts lovers this Christmas, to prevent 130 million sprouts being thrown away.

Putting two sprout-hating members of the public in a trance to change their attitude towards the polarising green vegetable, Paul used the power of mind over matter to have them reaching for seconds.

Speaking about the campaign, Paul said: “I was excited at the prospect of being part of a fun, festive project, with a good cause at its heart.

“This sprouts hypnosis is all about increasing food choices for Brits over Christmas, at a time that is all about enjoyment.”

The 10-minute ‘Save Our Sprouts’ trance is available on Aldi’s YouTube channel here.

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