MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski fails to get panel to bash Trump during Memorial Day segment

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MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski made a failed attempt on Monday morning to rile up her "Morning Joe" panel to bash President Trump on a segment dedicated to Memorial Day.

In the segment, Brzezinski began by asking the "reflections" of MSNBC commentator Mike Barnicle by invoking Trump's deployment of troops at the southern border.

“I want to ask you what your reflections are during this time in terms of our attitudes in America, our knowledge and our understanding of people who serve in the military, who serve multiple tours of duty, who have taken part in wars on behalf of this country, and also, are being deployed by this President by — let’s say maybe perhaps controversial means in terms of their deployments at the southern border for caravans that are coming in. It’s a convoluting time, is it not?” Brzezinski said.

Barnicle responded by expressing a "sadness" that now surrounds Memorial Day, one that had nothing to do with the president.


“There’s a certain sadness with me, about Memorial Day, because you think of the word memorial, and part of that word incorporates memory,” Barnicle told Brzezinski. He talked about the tendency to forget on a day dedicated to remembrance, about the cultural steps backward of technological steps forward like Twitter, how it used to be there was almost no one in America whose life hadn’t been touched by the loss of an American servicemember."

Brzezinski then pivoted to SiriusXM host and combat veteran Paul Rieckhoff in hopes that he would take the opportunity to slam Trump. He didn't.

“And Paul, I would love for you to reflect on what Mike Barnicle just said,” Brzezinski told Rieckhoff, “And also, given the work that you have done, how you’re feeling about the way the military perhaps is beings used by this presidency? Does it really match their role in history?”

"I think sadly that's right, Mika, but I think as a starting point Memorial Day still can be a time where we come together as a nation at this time when we are so divided,” Rieckhoff responded. "Even if you take just one minute on the a moment of silence… just take one minute and reflect on someone that you know that has died or even if you don't know someone that has died, someone that has died on your behalf to give you the opportunity to go have a barbeque or go to the beach…"

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