Millie Mackintosh’s emotions ‘all over the place’ in ‘challenging’ pregnancy

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Millie Mackintosh announced she and her husband Hugo Taylor will soon be parents to two children as they are expecting their second child together.

And, the Made in Chelsea star, 31, has now addressed how she is feeling the second time round, revealing she has felt "exhausted" in her first trimester.

Millie, who is already a mum to one year old Sienna with her MIC co star husband, 35, went into detail about the symptoms she has had so far after announcing her pregnancy news.

"I share so much about how I’m feeling and what I’m going through on here that it’s been weird holding back, it feels like a relief now I can talk about my pregnancy and I’m so excited to hear from lots of other mums about how they found the experience second time around," she began to say, alongside a picture of herself cradling her baby bump on Instagram.

"It’s been easier in some ways and harder in others, here are some of the symptoms I have been experiencing over the last few months."

She went on to explain: "I had morning sickness from around 6 weeks until the end of my first trimester, I think I’m pretty much past it however occasionally it comes out of nowhere and catches me off guard.

"I’ve learnt that the only thing that really helps is for me to eat through it, ginger biscuits and marmite on toast saved me! I’ve also had this awful sour, metallic taste in my mouth which has added to my general queasiness."

Millie spoke about the struggles she has faced so far in her second pregnancy while having her hands full with daughter Sienna.

"I felt exhausted in my first trimester, some days I struggled to focus or function. Being pregnant with a 1-year-old is a whole different ball game!" she shared.

"I’ve also struggled with insomnia, I’m in bed asleep by 9pm most nights but am waking up around 3am to pee (for the 2nd time) and then I can’t get back to sleep. I have been trying to work in the mornings and rest when Sienna has her afternoon nap."

She continued: "My hunger levels have been crazy, during my first trimester I needed to eat the minute I woke up and was waking up in the night starving, I keep rice cakes by my bed, it’s a primal hunger that you just can’t ignore!

"I’ve also had to eat smaller meals more often so I don’t get hungry and then feel sick. I’ve been craving a mix of sweet and savoury, Hawaiian pizzas with extra pineapple, chicken sausages with ketchup, egg fried rice with sweet chilli sauce – you get the picture!

"I had pelvic pain last time and it’s already started bothering me again. I know that pilates will help me to manage it as well as regular trips to the osteopath, avoiding certain exercises that trigger it and no long walks or running."

The TV star later told her Instagram followers she feels "overwhelmed" she will be welcoming a brother or a sister for Sienna, despite the pregnancy being "more challenging".

"My emotions have been ALL over the place, I’m teary, grumpy and full of mood swings (lucky @hugotaylorlondon!)" she wrote.

"It’s definitely more challenging this time in some ways because it’s exhausting having a 1 year old but I just feel so lucky and overwhelmed with happiness!"

Once Millie shared her thoughts online, many waded in with encouraging comments for the star, including some kind words from her hubby, Hugo.

"You are a hero!" he penned, before one fan replied to his comment: "Mum and dad goals."

Another wrote: "I had all that too on my son x," while a third added: "I was so tired when pregnant with a 1 year old, I spent a lot of time lying on the floor while my little boy played next to me. But it was amazing and I’m so grateful to have my 2 beautiful babies."

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