Miley Cyrus had vocal cord surgery, will recuperate in silence with Cody Simpson

Miley Cyrus’s vocal cords are messed up. It’s quite common with singers and vocal performers – there’s a long list of singers who have needed vocal cord surgery, including John Mayer, Adele and Sam Smith. There’s apparently this one vocal cord specialist that all of the singers go to, but I don’t know if Miley used the same doctor. I do know that she had the vocal cord surgery last week and now she can’t speak for weeks, maybe even a few months. For Adele, it was like two full months, from what I remember, but Miley’s people are framing this as “a few weeks of vocal rest.” So… Cody Simpson is trying to amuse Miley:

Miley Cyrus can count on Cody Simpson. The “Slide Away” singer, 26, is currently recovering at home alongside the Australian singer, 22, after undergoing vocal cord surgery, a source tells PEOPLE.

“The surgery went well and she is resting up at home now,” the source says, noting that Cyrus “has known for a while that she needed the surgery.” Part of Cyrus’ recovery will include resting “her voice for several weeks while her vocal cords heal,” the source adds. “Any strain will prolong the healing.”

And just as Simpson supported Cyrus when she was hospitalized for tonsillitis last month, the Australian singer is keeping his girlfriend company. “Cody is by her side. They are still doing well,” the source says. “Miley seems very happy. Cody will make sure she isn’t bored while she recovers.”

In addition to sharing a clip of the pair dancing together after Cyrus’ brother Braison Cyrus’ wedding last week, Simpson appeared to make a reference to the surgery, sharing a black-and-white photo of the pair alongside the word “success.”

When Cyrus was hospitalized for tonsillitis last month, she discovered a separate issue with her vocal cords, which she had unknowingly had for years, according to sources. After learning of the issue, Cyrus was told she would need to have surgery before the end of the year, and that the recovery process would include several weeks of silence. As a result of the issue, Cyrus, who has been working on new music, has needed to put recording and performing on hold. Another source close to Cyrus told PEOPLE she is “doing great and will be back and better than ever early next year.”

[From People]

While Miley exhausts me, I feel sorry for her about this, just like a feel sorry for all of those other singers who need vocal cord surgery. It must suck so hard to be in that position, especially with the horror stories about the surgery going wrong and maybe you’ll never be able to sing like you used to (see also: Julie Andrews). And… do you think that Cody and Miley will even make it to the end of Miley’s vow of silence? If anything, I would think a silent Miley would HELP her relationship. Mean but true.

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