Meghan Markle: Is This Her Biggest Mistake as a Duchess?

Meghan Markle began her acting career with small roles in movies and on television. According to Hollywood Reporter, she had a part alongside Ashton Kutcher in A Lot Like Love and even was a briefcase model on the hit game show Deal or No Deal before her big break came as Rachel Zane in the legal drama Suits.

For quite a few years, Markle lived a quiet, cozy life in Toronto, and spent her time with close friends and co-stars. While she was famous in her own right due to her success as an actress, her fame skyrocketed after it was announced that she was in a serious relationship with Prince Harry. 

After dating for a short time and getting married in a ceremony that was watched by fans around the world, Meghan and Harry officially became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Taking on the biggest role of her life, there is no doubt that she had a lot to learn.

There is a long list of rules and protocol that the royals are expected to follow, and Markle has become notorious for slightly bending the rules. While most of her rule-bending is not a big deal, there was one thing that is still talked about to this day. What are fans talking about that could possibly be Meghan Markle’s biggest mistake as a duchess?

A completely new life

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Marrying into the royal family comes with huge lifestyle changes. As Livingly reports, in the span of a few short years, Duchess Meghan became one of the most sought-after women in the entire world. Everything that she says and does is closely watched, analyzed, and even criticized.

It used to be that she had some freedom to do as she pleased without worrying about her actions becoming headline news. Now, it seems that every decision that the duchess makes is talked about, with everyone from fans to celebrities weighing in with their opinions.

A royal rule-bender

As most fans know, Queen Elizabeth runs a pretty tight ship. She expects the members of the royal family to abide by the rules at all times and puts stipulations on everything from what they can wear to what they can talk about with other people.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the royals must remember to do things such as have neutral views on political issues, curtsy to the queen, and follow a strict dress code. Duchess Meghan often chooses to put her own spin on royal rules, for example, wearing short, above the knee dresses, and holding her husband’s hand in public.

The queen often looks in the other direction and does not reprimand the duchess for her decisions. When Markle was expecting her first baby, she even traveled to New York City for a lavish, celebrity-style baby shower. 

Was Duchess Meghan’s star-studded baby shower a mistake?

While a baby shower is often a highly-anticipated event of a pregnancy, it is not something that the royals usually have. Duchess Meghan, of course, broke this rule on a snowy day in New York City when she and a handful of high-profile friends gathered at the Mark Hotel, where they had quite the celebration.

Many people feel that this was Duchess Meghan’s biggest mistake as a royal, partly due to the high cost of the party. According to Express UK, new documents may suggest that she was trying to avoid media publicity and went so far as to have a last-minute change in plans in order to get away from the huge group of photographers so that it didn’t look as if she were enjoying all of the attention.

Was this a huge mistake? It may have been more in keeping with the style of the royals if Duchess Meghan and her friends had gathered for a low-key, private celebration. The baby shower was such an event and a bit out of touch for what the royals are used to having.

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