MASSIVE Brawl Erupts Between Parents At Youth Baseball Game — And There’s Video!

The Lakewood Police Department just outside Denver, Colorado is busy at work right now looking for a group of parents involved in an embarrassing and violent brawl that took place during a youth baseball game in the city several days ago.

The LPD tweeted video clips of the fight, which shows several parents literally duking it out and violently punching each other during what was apparently the middle of a game being played at an elementary school baseball field.

The video, which started to go viral across social media on Tuesday afternoon, is currently being used by the police to investigate who exactly was involved in the incident, and whether more charges need to be filed after the melee.

Here is the video — but be warned, there’s plenty of violence in the forty-second clip (below):

OK, there is a LOT to take in there…

First off, what kind of awful, violent fight video would this be without at least one nasty cheap shot delivered to an unsuspecting person? So dangerous… and so shameful!!! Hopefully that person has already been cited — or soon will be, after being identified by Lakewood cops.

Beyond that, there’s also the on-camera narration from the camera holder, who invokes the name of Jesus to attempt to get all the parents to calm down and stop fighting. That part is, ummm, interesting… as one Twitter commenter put so perfectly, the lady might have had more success if she opted not to call Jesus, but to call 9-1-1 instead! LOLz!!!!

But on a serious note, the biggest takeaway from the video is… really?? Like, really?!?! A huge fight like this at a children’s baseball game? What could they have possibly been fighting about??

You know, that doesn’t even matter — there’s literally zero justification for stuff like this — ever — at any game (aren’t games supposed to be fun?), and ESPECIALLY at a YOUTH baseball game. It literally doesn’t matter who or what started the fight, either… there’s no excuse for any of the awful parents here, who all collectively let this thing escalate SO far beyond the line.

What do U think about the video you see here, Perezcious readers?! Have y’all dealt with bad sports parents before — maybe not this bad, but moms and dads who were way to intense or over-the-top?! How did you manage that situation?? Give us your stories and opinions in the comments (below)!!!

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