Love Island stars’ A-Level results – including straight A students

Over the years the Love Island cast have raised eyebrows with some weird and wonderful conversations about Brexit , geography and capital cities.

But how clever actually are our favourite stars?

As teenagers up and down the country pick up their A-level results , we've looked back at how some of our favourite islanders got on when they opened up those terrifying envelopes.

The villa has been home to some people with very impressive careers, including a doctor and a scientist, suggesting they were probably pretty happy on results morning.

But it's fair to say others weren't quite as academic…

Dr Alex George

Dr Alex, who was on the show in 2018, impressed everyone with his job as a doctor but he didn't get the grades he needed on results day.

He shared an encouraging message to students this morning on Instagram .

He wrote: "Good luck to everyone getting their results today!!

"Ten years ago I missed out on my place at medical school by 2 marks in chemistry and had to take a year out. It felt like the end of the world at the time but 6 years later I graduated with a distinction and got my dream job in London. Never give up and dream bit."

He got a place a Exeter University which has a five-year accredited Medicine degree course.

To get accepted onto the programme, successful candidates must have a minimum of three As at A level – although most typical offers are made to people with one A* and two As in academic subjects.

After finishing his five years at Exeter, Alex became a junior A&E doctor at University Hospital Lewisham in London.

Hayley Hughes

Liverpudlian model Hayley got slated for her vapid knowledge of Brexit – believing it meant cutting down all the trees and moaning it would be harder to go on her holidays ("I love me holidays!").

She also got confused about an earlobe and claimed not to know what 'superficial' meant.

But her pal unmasked Hayley as a secret cleverclogs , revealing she'd actually scored three Bs at A level and studied Childhood and Youth Studies at Liverpool Hope University before dropping out to be an actress.

"She's definitely not that stupid. I can't believe no one else has said anything," said the friend, who claims she bagged her Bs in ICT, Science and Health and Social Care at John Bosco Arts College in Liverpool.

"She did really well in her A Levels and GCSEs. She managed to get the grades to do that course, but she dropped out to pursue an acting career."

Camilla Thurlow

The 2017 contestant also boasted a very impressive job, working in Explosive Ordnance Disposal helping clear mines for the charity Halo.

While her work baffled many of her fellow islanders, it was something she spoke about passionately about during her time in the villa.

She's probably one of the island's smartest ever contestants boasting three As in her A-levels.

She also got nine A* GCSEs and a First Class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University.

Michael Griffiths

During his time in the villa Michael spoke about his degree in Biomedical Sciences, which did at Liverpool John Moores University.

To get onto the course, which is either three years or four if the student decides to add a sandwich placement year, you need 112 UCAS points.

An A gets you 48 points, a B 40, a C 32 and a D is worth 24.

This means Michael could have got an ABB, BBB, AAC, or any other combination that adds up to that all important number.

Despite his degree Michael didn't go down the science route instead picking a career as a firefighter.

Yewande Biala

The 2018 star hasn't revealed her exact A-level grades but she did well enough to earn a place at Athlone Institute of Technology.

And she absolutely smashed it while she was there, leaving with a first class honours degree in Biotechnology.

Posting a photo to celebrate her graduation, she wrote: "I'm not going to say it was easy cause that would be one hell of a lie but I did it!

"And I couldn't have done it without the support and continuous words of encouragements from my family and friends so this ones for us. First class Honours in Biotechnology."

Scott Thomas

Love Island series 2 star Scott – brother of Celebrity Big Brother housemate Ryan Thomas – did really well at A level, trousering three passes at the end of his studies.

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