Lionel Richie Will Not Return To Idol Without Katy And Luke

In an interview following Sunday’s season finale of ABC‘s wildly popular show, “American Idol,” judges, Lionel Richie, Katie Perry and Luke Bryan opened up about their experience working together over the past two years.

“Now that I know who everybody is and their characters, oh my god, I would not do another show without ’em,” said Richie.

The show, which was renewed for a third season on ABC earlier this month, is aiming to reduce costs, revealed producer, Simon Fuller, and as such, it remains to be seen whether or not the current judges and host, Ryan Seacrest will return.

“We’ve had an amazing two years,” said Bryan. “When you just look at the overall approach, we had a clearer vision, we developed our identities and roles, and we want to keep that going. We’re proud of what people are at home watching.”

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