Lili Reinhart Opens Up About Not Having the ‘CW Girl Body’ & Being Body Positive

Lili Reinhart is dishing on body positivity and not having the ideal body.

The 23-year-old recently opened up about a Riverdale scene she really didn’t want to do because it made her uncomfortable about her body.

However, Lili knew she had to do it to set an example and show girls that it’s okay to not have the “perfect” body or look a certain way.

“I don’t have the CW girl body — tiny waist, nice-shaped legs, skinny, small, tiny,” Lili told the LA Times. “I had to do a bra and underwear scene in this last season and I felt really insecure about it. I really, really didn’t want to do it. I didn’t tell anyone this. I wasn’t pressured into doing it. I did it because it was my job.”

“I felt bad about myself doing it. I really did. And this is where it gets complicated,” she continued. “I can’t preach body positivity if I don’t practice it. So even if I’m not feeling amazing about my body, I felt it was important for me to do the scene anyway in my bra and underwear so people could see my body as it was. I did it for the people who feel like they need to look a certain way.”

If you missed it, Lili and the cast of Riverdale headed back to Vancouver this past weekend to start getting ready to film season five.

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