Liam Hemsworth Filed for Divorce After Seeing Those Pics of Miley Cyrus Kissing Kaitlynn Carter

Liam Hemsworth just filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus, which is extremely sad but also not all that shocking given the fact that Miley has moved on. By which I mean she was seen making out with Kaitlynn Carter on the same day a rep confirmed her and Liam’s split. And according to a new report from E!, the photos of Kaitlynn and Miley kissing were what inspired Liam to make the breakup official.

“Even though Miley and Liam were separated for a while before she was photographed making out on the yacht with Kaitlynn, once Liam saw those photos he decided it was time to file for divorce,” a source said. “That was it for him, seeing those photos and then all the Soho House stories thereafter.”

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