Les Dawson’s daughter Charlotte ‘had to do something’ about weight because of late dad

Les Dawson's first time hosting Blankety Blank

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Charlotte Dawson has spoken out about her lifestyle change as the TV personality explained she “knew she had to do something”. The Celebs on the Farm star said she was motivated to shed the weight following the death of her father and the late comedian Les Dawson in 1993.

The reality star, 29, was only eight months old when her father died from a heart attack, aged 62, after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Charlotte, who recently welcomed her 11 month old son Noah, opened up about her health journey.

The on-screen personality has dropped from 12 stone to eight in six months and is now a size eight, going down four dress sizes.

She recalled being diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant with her first child.

Les’ daughter revealed that doctors had issued her with a health warning and urged her to lose weight, because she was on the verge of getting Type 2 diabetes.

“Imagine getting told that,” she said, addressing her health scare.

“I knew I had to do something because of my dad. [If he’d got help] he might’ve still been here today.”

Charlotte’s mother Tracey, 70, was also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year but has managed to control it.

She believed the condition was just part of her pregnancy and returned to her usual diet – including her favourite chips and gravy – after giving birth in January.

However, doctors warned her that her blood sugar was so high she could be diagnosed with the same condition as her father.

The influencer added that she didn’t shy away from flaunting her “chunky but funky belly”.

“I would have a laugh with the belly jiggling but Matty [Charlotte’s fiancé] would see the real me. I wasn’t really that happy,” she continued to the Mail Online.


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The mum-of-one went on: “I hated exercise. I don’t like the gym because I find it intimidating.

“I wanted to make exercise more fun. It’s not just about looking better, it’s feeling better,” she said of her workout method.

The on-screen star has since teamed up with a fitness platform to help promote a healthier lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the TV star has previously addressed a poignant moment for her in motherhood.

Charlotte revealed she had broken down in tears as she addressed her son Noah’s age.

She told The Sun: “My dad died when I was Noah’s age. When Noah turned eight months old in September, it broke my heart.

“He’s already such a character and the way he lights up when he’s with his dad. It really hurts that my dad died when I was that age.”

She added: “When I found out [about the possible diabetes diagnosis], all I could think about was being around for Noah. I don’t want to die. I had to change.”

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