Leonardo DiCaprio branded an ‘eco hypocrite’ as Don’t Look Up star spotted on superyacht

Leonardo DiCaprio makes an appearance at COP26

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Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, has become the subject of intense scrutiny after being spotted on a huge yacht during his luxurious holidays. The Titanic actor is a United Nations climate change ambassador and has previously labelled climate change “the most urgent threat facing our entire species”.

However, seeing Leonardo on the 315ft, £110 million Vava II superyacht has angered climate change advocates as the vessel is said to produce as much carbon from sailing seven miles as the average car produces in a year.

Leonardo was joined on the extravagant yacht by girlfriend Camila Morrone, 24, and friends of the couple.

Among Leonardo’s pals was the match owner, Swiss pharmaceutical billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, 46.

Writing for The Mail On Sunday, Abul Taher branded Leonardo an “eco hypocrite”.

The writer added: “But while he urges fans to take action, Leonardo DiCaprio has been spending time on one of the world’s biggest, and most environmentally unfriendly, superyachts.

“The 315ft, £110 million Vava II – which even features a helipad on the uppermost of its six decks – produces as much carbon by sailing just seven miles as an average car belches out in a year.”

Other people concerned about the environment took to Twitter to express their outrage over Leonardo’s outing.

Sunny_Helen wrote: “He got an official invitation to Global Crisis.

“Time for the Truth conference. His fans begged him to make a speech there. And he didn’t come.

“Though the conference was on climate and environmental issues.

“So what does he really care about?”

Darrengrimes_ added: “Here’s UN Climate Change ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio aboard a 315ft, £110 million superyacht, complete with a helipad and six decks that spew out as much as your average car does in a year by sailing as little as 7 miles.

“Remember that as you watch his climate catastrophe movie.

“If you genuinely believed, as DiCaprio professes to do so, that the world is about to end in apocalyptic climate change, you would surely do everything in your power to ensure a beast like this doesn’t take to the high seas.

“You wouldn’t sun yourself on a fuel guzzler like this.”

Dannylepelley argued: “Does Leonardo DiCaprio being on a yacht in any way change the climate emergency we face?

“But you frame it that because he has burnt up some fossil fuels everyone should do the same.

“Primary school kids know that 2 wrongs don’t make a right.”

Donna_Dean said: “I agree it’s not a good look – but it shouldn’t detract from the actual fact that climate change is real and a global issue for us all.

“Have you pulled Lewis Hamilton up on his high octane life style whilst telling people to stop using plastic bottles?” (sic)

Express.co.uk has approached representatives for Leonardo DiCaprio for comment.

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