Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash For Buying New Shoes Instead Of Helping Burning Amazon

Kylie Jenner is taking heat for spending her billion dollar fortune on a luxury shoe shopping spree instead of using the money to help the Amazon rain forest that is burning down.

So many celebrities have been trying to spread the word and awareness about how the out of control wildfires burning down the Amazon rain forest in Brazil is literally killing the planet. But not Kylie Jenner. The 22-year-old billionaire shared via her Instagram stories on Aug. 22 that she “Went shoe shopping today,” showing off black Gucci sandals embellished with crystals that go for $1,250, Balenciaga heels in both black and white that sell for $995, and red Balenciaga heels with a satin lace up tie that she was “in love” with.

Kylie also modeled Bottega Veneta black slip on slide sandals then proceeded to show off a photo her entire massive shoe closet, asking “I have a problem?” She does now, as fans are blasting her for spending so much money on shoes while not donating money to help fight the fires in the Amazon, which produces 20 percent of the planet’s oxygen. She can’t solve the issue herself, but fans felt she should at least do something to bring awareness to the crisis instead of showing off her luxury shoe closet.

“The amazon is on fire and Kylie Jenner just posted her extensive collection of designer shoes,” another person tweeted. In all fairness to Kylie, none of her famous sisters have mentioned anything about the crisis in the Amazon on their Instagram pages. But since Kylie’s the richest being the only billionaire in the family, her ill-timed brag about adding pricey shoes to her already massive collection didn’t sit well with some fans considering the ongoing destruction of the rain forest. 

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