Korn Guitarist Documentary To Release On Digital/DVD On June 18

Award-winning documentary Loud Krazy Love, which focuses on Korn founding member Brian Welch‘s relationship with his daughter, will be released in digital and DVD formats on June 18.

“When I watch ‘Loud Krazy Love’, I’m amazed at where Jennea and I have been compared to where we are now,” said Welch, better known as Head.

“Our relationship was broken and strained before I made a conscious choice to change my habits and my life,” he added. “Today, our relationship is stronger than ever. If all the pain and heartache we went through can help others, then it was all worth it.”

“Brian and Jennea’s story is proof that there is hope for anyone,” says the film’s director Trey Hill.

According to producer John Humphrey, the film “has resonated with so many different people because while Brian and Jennea have unconventional life circumstances as a rock ‘n’ roll family, the issues they faced are those with which all can relate.”

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