Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Photo Op at Breakfast at Beverly Hills Hotel

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson traveled to the Hills of Beverly Saturday, and ran into a Dutch journalist who dutifully snapped a photo!

It seems Pete’s been living in the City of Angels lately … this time K&P went for some breakfast chow at the Bev Hills Hotel.

As the newly-minted couple broke bread, a Dutch music journalist named Paul Barewijk eyed them. Paul, who lives in Amsterdam, was sipping tea as he spoke with his mom by phone, and maybe his mom told her son there was a vacay pic that everyone back home would surely admire.

Paul told PEOPLE, he took a couple of selfies with Kim in the background … then sheepishly showed her the photo and said his encounter with them was sheer coincidence.

He says he then asked for a proper photo, and Kim obliged. Then he asked Pete for the same, and smartly flattered him by saying the Netherlands digs Pete on ‘SNL.’ That did the trick!

Pete and Kim have been inseparable, or at least so it seems. They hit up Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica last week, as Pete displayed a teen badge of honor — a hickey.

Meanwhile, Kanye is pulling out all the stops — even invoking God’s name — to win Kim back. He’s posted old photos of them, as he told the world he’s had failures as a husband.

So far, the divorce is proceeding and our sources say Kim’s not turning back.

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