Kate Middleton Regretted Her Christmas Day Outfit Choice – Here’s the Reason Why!

Duchess Kate Middleton seemed to have a regret about her Christmas Day outfit – she was far too hot in her heavy Catherine Walker coat!

One royal fan who greeted the Duchess and Princess Charlotte spoke about what happened when they met the Duchess.

Kate was talking to my daughter about clothes and how she was feeling too hot, she said ‘I really shouldn’t have worn this,’” one royal fan said (via Metro UK).

“I’m there talking to Charlotte about dolls, and my daughter’s talking about fashion with Kate. It wasn’t fake; it was a genuine discussion. It was about a minute, but it was tailored to my daughter, it was like speaking to a friend. They are totally different with the public [than the press],” the fan added.

If you missed it, you have to see the video of Princess Charlotte that went viral on Christmas Day!

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