Kanye West’s Early Vote Totals Revealed & He Did Not Perform Well

Kanye West was on the ballot in a handful of states in the Presidential Election, and now, we’re getting a clearer picture of how many voted for him in his brand new party, the “Birthday Party.”

As of Wednesday morning (November 4), he had received 60,000 votes nationally. He performed the best in the state of Tennessee with 10,216 votes, Variety reports. Here’s some of his other totals: Idaho (3,631 votes), Oklahoma (5,590 votes) Utah (4,344 votes), Arkansas (4,040 votes), Kentucky (6,259 votes), Mississippi (3,131 votes), Vermont (1,265 votes), Colorado (6,254 votes), Iowa (3,197 votes), Louisiana (4,894 votes) and Minnesota (7,748 votes).

Kanye actually conceded last night and revealed his plans for 2024, when the next presidential election will fall.

Stay tuned as the election results are still pouring in in the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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