Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Producer Mike Dean Complains About ‘Toxic’ Work Environment

Mike, who is a longtime collaborator of the ‘Wash Us in the Blood’ spitter, however, assures that he is not quitting the project though he has returned home and is not living in the stadium again.

AceShowbiz -Mike Dean apparently doesn’t agree with Kanye West about the best way to work together. The music producer, who has been working on the rapper’s long-delayed album “Donda”, has complained about “toxic” working environment as they continue putting the finishing touches on it, sparking concerns among Ye’s fans.

“good to be at the house!!!” Mike tweeted on Saturday, August 14, seemingly informing his followers that he’s no longer living in Mercedes-Benz Stadium with the eccentric MC and a bunch of other artists, producers and engineers.

Seeing this as a sign that he and Kanye might have parted ways, people were worried that the album would never be done. “y’all scrapped the album didn’t y’all,” one fan suspected. Another begged, “Pls man I hope the album isn’t scrapped.”

Mike later caught wind of the comments and soon clarified that he is not abandoning the project, though he is no longer living in the stadium. “I haven’t quit anything. The album continues,” he assured, before adding, “Lol. People read too much into tweets. Lol.”

Mike, who has been working as producer, audio engineer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, revealed though what prompted him to make a decision to return home. “Also. It’s good not to be breathing toxic stadium air and to be in sunny la for a while,” so he wrote in a separate tweet, before teasing his next destination, “Mexico soon!”

Kanye has been living in the Atlanta stadium to finish his album “Donda” after holding the first listening party there on July 22. A representative for the Mercedes-Benz Stadium confirmed on July 26 that the 44-year-old artist and his crew set up a temporary residence in one of the stadium’s locker rooms, converting it in to a recording studio to finish the recording and mixing with Mike.

On the next day, the estranged husband of Kim Kardashian gave fans a look at his bedroom inside the Atlanta stadium. It only features one single bed, a flat-screen TV and a digital clock that were hanging on the walls as well as one small wardrobe with a few clothes.

Kanye later held the second listening party for “Donda” at the same stadium on August 5, but once again postponed the album’s release date from August 7 to August 13.

Last week, reports swirled that Kanye might be moving to another stadium while he continued working on the album after KayCyy Pluto tweeted, “We moving to another stadium,” before swiftly deleting it. The rising artist, who along with Instagram personality Justin LaBoy has been sharing updates on the progress of the album, later claimed that his Twitter account was hacked and clarified, ” ‘We moving to another stadium’ is a cap.”

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