Kaleb Cooper issues stern warning to Jeremy Clarkson amid discovery: ‘There would be war!’

Lisa Hogan on her son 'almost killing Jeremy Clarkson'

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Clarkson’s Farm has been nothing other than a complete success, as viewers watch newbie to the farming community Jeremy Clarkson, 61, throw himself into running a 1000 acre working farm. The series also shone a light on the people who help keep it going, including his girlfriend Lisa Hogan and farm-hands Kaleb Cooper, Gerald Cooper and advisor Charlie Ireland.

How is that even possible!

Kaleb Cooper

He immediately struck up a playful relationship with lovable 21-year-old tractor driver Kaleb, who often criticised his techniques and wasn’t afraid to tell him off for his mistakes.

One memorable issue was when Kaleb launched a seething yet hilarious attack on the presenter’s disappointing tractor skills.

In episode one, Jeremy didn’t get off to the best start as when he was left to his own devices when they began seeding.

When Kaleb returned, he was utterly shocked by what he had done with his field tramlines as they were very unevenly spaced, making it difficult to water the crops evenly later on.

But it seems Jeremy wasn’t alone with his unique way of tractoring – even if his efforts were a mistake – as he shared a photo of a Spanish farmer’s work.

Taking to Instagram this week, he posted a photo of his TV showing the field tramlines, which looked very similar to the Top Gear race track.

“Looks like I have an opposite number in Spain,” he joked.

But Kaleb wasn’t impressed.

“How is that even possible!” he exclaimed.

“Imagine spraying that field.”

He ended his moment with a stern warning to Jeremy, adding: “If you did that there would be war!”

It comes after he was left dumbfounded by Jeremy’s effort on the show, where he shouted: “What have you done?!” upon seeing his work.

The former BBC star had not planted the seeds in the correct order or left enough space between the tramlines.

“When I come to spray it and fertilize it, how do I know where to drive?” Kaleb asked.

the 21-year-old was frustrated and pointed out Jeremy “hadn’t even drilled it straight” prompting the farmer to yell: “That’s as straight as a roundabout!”

“I’ve learnt my lesson now, I won’t do it again,” Jeremy replied, sheepishly.

Kaleb stormed off and Jeremy promised to buy him a beer to make him feel better, however he wasn’t impressed by the offer.

Instead, he feared he was “in so much trouble” but learnt from his mistakes.

All episodes of Clarkson’s Farm is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video.

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