Justin Bieber Rocks New Khaki Yeezy NSTLD Boots Day After Debut

Justin Bieber is ready for winter early thanks to Kanye‘s new line of Yeezys — only this time, they’re boots … and not too different from what a kid might wear for his first time in ice.

The Biebs grabbed a morning bite Saturday at the Bel-Air Hotel with his wife, Hailey, and his outfit screamed “Ma, it’s snowing!” … at least from his calves down. His upper half was pretty normal, but JB was wearing the just-released Yeezy NSTLD Boots, Khaki in color.

As you can see … Justin wanted to show them off in full, so he wore them over his pant legs, tucking in the loose ends so the boots were prominently displayed. Indeed, they’re pretty puffy … and bulky. But … are they, like, stylish???

Bieber sure seems to think so — these things just went on sale to the public Friday, and they were retailing for over $300. So, clearly, Justin wanted to get his hands on a pair and rock them ASAP.

We’ll say this … they look part-UGG boot and part-space boot, and are obviously laced with Kanye’s signature Yeezy design for the bottom portion. It’s also very much so in line with the poofy aesthetic Ye’s been running with lately — specifically, from his Gap Round jacket.

Assuming, Justin’s got one of those lying around — which we’re sure he does — you might say he’s snowbound in November. Stay warm, dude!!!

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