Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg Commencement, No Money for Johns Hopkins U Grads

Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg could have given the best speech of all time to the graduates of Johns Hopkins University, but he wasn’t going to top Robert F. Smith … so he swiftly let them down.

The editor-in-chief of The Atlantic gave the commencement address to the new grads Thursday in Baltimore, and addressed the elephant in the room right at the get-go, by telling them it wasn’t going to be a Morehouse College copycat situation … and that triggered a chorus of boos.

Translation — I’m not paying off all your damn student loans!

As you know … Smith, a billionaire, pledged $40 million of his own money during his Morehouse College commencement speech this week to cover the entire amount of the class of 2019’s college debt … and they’re getting free bling too.

Goldberg makes it clear he’s not going that route … for a couple reasons. First — he doesn’t have that kind of cash. Second — the school has an alumnus who’s MUCH more equipped to pull a Morehouse move.

Watch the clip to see who it is.

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