Jordyn Woods Responds to Haters Accusing Her of Chasing Clouts With Mamba Sports Academy Post

‘This seems very clout-ish. Mamba Sports Academy? Since when…?’ one suspicious troll writes underneath the Instagram influencer’s post on the photo-sharing site.

AceShowbizJordyn Woods received hate after she posted on Instagram a video of her working out at Mamba Sports Academy which was owned by late NBA star Kobe Bryant. People took to the comment section of her Monday, February 10 post, accusing the Instagram personality of chasing clouts with the post.

“Getting back to it,” the former “Life of Kylie” star captioned the video, adding a black heart and a snake in reference to Bryant’s “Black Mamba” nickname. “Who’s with me!? What are your 2020 fitness goals? That was my first time doing the second machine but after the 5th set I was a lot more graceful. For those of you asking, the first workout is all for the core strength.”

“This seems very clout-ish. Mamba Sports Academy? Since when…?” one of her followers accused. It didn’t take long before Jordyn’s friend, Alex Hainer, defended her pal, explaining.

“I’ve been going to Mamba for a few months now and I asked her if she wanted to go with me this morning,” Hainer explained. “Relax. It’s an amazing facility.” Jordyn later chimed in, “facts.. happy you took me it’s so nice. People just have anything to say.”

Other fans also jumped into Jordyn’s defense. “Jordyn is an influencer.. A social media influencer I have a problem with you thinking that you know what she’s doing or what her intent was..,” so the person wrote about the former BFF of Kylie Jenner.

“What if she was gunning to advertise the gym her bieng in the gym and having social media followers seeing her working out in mamba facilities would genarate publicity… But your mind went to the negative side of this post.. Thinking that you know her intent… Plus Jordyn has been posting about Kobe and the family for a while now, do you thing she Was chasing clout then too.. Would you rather she kept mumb then too,” the user added.

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