Jordan Clarkson Goes After Fan Over 'Malicious' Heckling, Held Back By Teammates

NBA star Jordan Clarkson was so pissed off over a fan’s heckling on Monday … he attempted to go after the man in the stands, but fortunately, he was held back by his teammates.

The Jazz guard’s drama with the fan happened during Utah’s game with the Spurs in San Antonio … when Clarkson clearly had enough of a fan’s ribbing.

According to journalist Raul Dominguez Jr., as Clarkson was headed toward his bench during a timeout … a fan stood up and had words with the basketball player.

A short time later, Dominguez Jr. reported, Clarkson took steps toward going after the fan.

Thankfully, Clarkson’s teammates and security stepped in before things turned ugly … and ultimately, the fan was ejected from the arena.

After the game, Clarkson told reporters the fan had absolutely crossed the line with his trash talk — saying the dude’s comments were straight-up “malicious.”

“The guy just keeps antagonizing me, like almost challenges me, like, ‘What you going to do?'” Clarkson said. “Fans got to learn, we human. We people too.”

The 29-year-old said he often has playful banter with courtside supporters during his games … but he said to media members this exchange was very different.

“It did cross the line,” Clarkson said. “I was walking away initially, and then he said something again. And, I turned back around and then he said it again. And, I’m just like, ‘What’s going on?!'”

Clarkson said he didn’t press the issue further, explaining a potential fine and a possible suspension deterred him from escalating things.

As for the on-the-court action, Clarkson’s Jazz ended up getting the last laugh on the Spurs … beating San Antonio, 110-104.

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