JoJo Siwa Breaks Silence on Elliott Brown Dating Rumors

JoJo Siwa is finally speaking out about the rumors she’s dating longtime friend Elliot Brown!

The 16-year-old superstar says she spoke to Elliot about what she was going to tell people about their relationship and she had a lot of nice things to say!

“Elliot has been a family friend of mine…oh gosh, I’ve known him since I was eight. He came out here and we had a really great time and he is an awesome kid. His family are the nicest people ever. We’ve been friends for forever,” JoJo told E!‘s Jason Kennedy.

She continued, “We’ve always had a joke in our family that we would be cute together. I will say, I’m really excited to see him this weekend. He’s coming back out. He’s awesome.”

When Jason told JoJo he though the duo was cute together, she replied, “I do too!”

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Listen to all that JoJo had to say here…

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