Joe Swash fears Stacey Solomon ‘will kill me’ as he catches her off-guard ‘Sums up my day’

Stacey Solomon says Rose is trying to smile

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Joe Swash, 39, couldn’t help but tease his fiancée Stacey Solomon, 32, as she managed to fall asleep sitting upright, learning on her hand. But with being a very busy new mum all over again, no one can blame her for getting a kip in here and there!

This just about sums up my day today!

Stacey Solomon

Joe on the other hand found it rather hilarious, and couldn’t help but poke fun at his other half.

Taking to his Instagram story, he laughed: “Who sleeps like this?

“If I don’t wake her up she will kill me for letting her get a bad neck.”

Having seen his post, Stacey shared it to her own Instagram page.

She penned: “This just about sums up my day today!”

It comes as the Loose Women star revealed baby Rose had been “unsettled” over the past couple of days.

Stacey shared the update with her 4.8million followers, as she posted an adorable snap of the pair in colour co-ordinated outfits.

Stacey donned a borg grey fleece with grey leggings, while Rose was dressed in a mint green onesie with a grey bow around her head.

“She’s been a little unsettled the last couple of days,” Stacey explained.

“I’ve been convincing myself it’s became she’s learning to smile.

“So at the end of this little crazy leap will come the bets reward ever!”

She went on to add that the pair were off on their first school run.

“Now we are going to do our first school run,” Stacey beamed.

“I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards but I’m dressed!”

She added with a giggle: “So it’s a win I’d say!”

The mother-of-four previously admitted that she was still feeling a bit overwhelmed after giving birth a few weeks ago.

While out on one of her first outings with Rose, Stacey revealed she completely forgot what she needed to buy at the supermarket due to the “brain fog”.

“Today we went for a nice long walk and then Rose did the food shop,” she said.

“I didn’t end up buying 90 per cent of what we needed, and felt like I was just aimlessly walking around, to be honest. The shop just felt massive.

“One giant Toblerone and some fluffy socks later and we are home.

“I don’t know what has happened to my brain, but I know it will come back eventually. Or at least, some of it will,” she joked.

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