Jill Duggar: Do Family Rules FORBID Her From Swimming with Kids?

We already know that Jill Duggar is not allowed to be around other men without the presence of her, uh, lord husband Derick Dillard.

But when Jill shared a series of seemingly fun “swim time” photos of her husband and sons, fans noticed that she was just a spectator.

Are her absurd family rules banning her from getting into the pool with her own children?

Jill Duggar shared a series of four sweet snaps of her two sons, Samuel and Israel.

(Unfortunately, her disgraced husband Derick is there too, in one of them)

“Lovin’ some pool time,” Jill captioned the photos.

She also included tender messages like “swim time!” and “pure joy!”

Jill herself didn’t show up in any of the photos except one, which was the pic that gave fans pause. …

Jill Duggar "Pool Time" pics 01 of 04

In one image, Jill writes: “Love these signs of being a mom.”

The “sign” is a child’s watery handprint on her denim jeans, which she is wearing in the photo.

While wearing long pants may be a violation of Jim Bob’s ridiculous rules, fans saw the pic as evidence that Jill is still under his thumb in many ways.

Stepping out of the pool and drying your hands to snap some family photos is a simple thing.

Why, then, was Jill sitting fully dressed on the sidelines, a mere spectator for all of the “family fun?”

Jill Duggar "Pool Time" pics 02 of 04

That’s a question that a lot of Jill’s fans were asking.

Some merely inquired if she doesn’t swim — or doesn’t swim anymore.

Others straight-up asked why she wasn’t in the water with the rest of her family.

It didn’t take much for some followers to conclude that the rules of the fertility cult in which she was raised make it impossible to join in on the fun.

Jill isn’t exactly going to don a one-piece (gasp!) and get into the water (like a harlot!) with her husband and children.

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Some time ago, Michelle Duggar discussed the awkwardness of trying to swim while also being part of a misgynistic cult.

“We typically don’t go to the beach in the summertime,” Michelle stated.

“And in general,” she characterized. “We don’t do a lot of swimming events where swimming suits are worn.”

Coming from a family where the girls are tasked with saying “Nike” to prompt their brothers to stare at their shoes instead of see a human woman walking by, that’s not a shock.

Michelle reasons that they stick to dry land “because it’s just too hard for the guys to try to keep their eyes averted in those situations.”

The Duggars can excuse Josh molesting his sisters, but they draw the line at their sons seeing a woman’s legs and potentially navel.

Jill Duggar "Pool Time" pics 04 of 04

That’s not to say that the Duggars do not know how to swim or have never enjoyed the experience of swimming, however.

Michelle explained to TLC that they make use of private pools belonging to family friends.

That way, they’re less likely to be spotted by outsiders (it’s unclear why this was a concern).

And, naturally, in private pools, there’s no concern about seeing the arms and even shoulders (the horror) of a girl in a strapless one-piece.

“And in those situations,” Michelle added. “The kids are always wearing modest clothes.”

We’re certainly not opposed to people opting out of swimming or covering up (whether it’s a shirt in the pool or a burkini).

But it should be their choice.

Jill was raised in a strict, abusive cult and then traded off to a Jim Bob-approved husband, Derick.

She has made very few choices in her life because she has not been granted the opportunity (or life experience) to decide for herself about most things.

This is why fans were concerned and even alarmed to see her wearing jeans while her topless husband swam with her sons.

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