Jhene Aiko Shares New Single ‘Trigger Protection Mantra’

R&B star Jhene Aiko has dropped a brand-new single, Trigger Protection Mantra, which aims to alleviate the anxiety of listeners and soothe their very souls.

Composed of a series of relaxing notes played by the singer on alchemy singing bowls, the 6-minute-long mantra features lyrics like “Calm down/Calm down/Calm down eventually” and “Protect your energy/You are protected/You are protected/Slow down” repeated in a tranquilizing tone, much like meditative affirmations.

The 31-year-old singer also released an official music video for the track, which consists of gently flowing images taken from an opaque kaleidoscope.

The track has received overwhelmingly positive responses from fans, many of whom shared that they “feel so relaxed, like my soul was just massaged.”

Aiko also took to Instagram to reveal the purpose of the various notes used in the track, as explained by Jeralyn Glass, a New Age musician and crystal sound meditation leader.

“The E note will help in oversensitivity to criticism, will support in releasing the need to control, and support the boosting of self esteem,” she wrote. “Note of A will support release of nightmares and learning difficulties and strengthen high intuition and charisma. Note of high C connects to the cosmos, to the quantum field in the vibrational frequency of love. Super powerful notes, voicings and Alchemies.”

Having released her second studio album, Trip, in September of 2017, the singer has confirmed that she is currently working on a follow-up, freestyle album.

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