Jeremy Clarkson dismisses claim he has ‘competition’ from James May ‘Doing it 10 years’

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Jeremy Clarkson and James May are known for their teasing dynamic on screen in The Grand Tour and previously on Top Gear. However, it seems this also continues off the television as well, as a viewer recently pointed out competition between the pair.

As fans of Jeremy will know, every year when A-Level results are released he sends a supportive tweet to his followers.

The broadcaster shares how he’s been successful despite not managing to attain high grades.

This year was no different as he shared a similar post on August 10.

Writing in view of his 7.4 million followers, he penned: “If the teachers didn’t give you the A level results you were hoping for, don’t worry.

“I got a C and 2Us and I’ve ended up happy, with loads of friends and a Bentley.”

However, this year he wasn’t the only The Grand Tour presenter to post a message about results.

His co-star James also took to social media to share his own post to teenagers receiving their results.

He penned in view of his 3.1 million followers: “My A-Level results weren’t great, but hey: someone brought me tea and toast this morning, and even Croesus didn’t get that.”

Some viewers noticed the similarities between the posts, reaching out to Jeremy.

They tagged him below James’ post, writing: “@JeremyClarkson here’s some competition for you!”

However, the broadcaster was quick to hit back at the claim, writing: “I’ve been doing it for ten years or so.”

Other followers also weighed in about the similarities between the posts in reply to James.

One wrote: “It’s all very well you and Clarkson trying to soften the blow for failures but there’s not enough room at the top for everyone, no matter how hard they try.”

Another cheekily added: “@RichardHammond your turn now…unless your A-Levels were decent?”

A third wrote to the presenter: “Jeremy’s was better…”

Jeremy and James recently reunited on screen together for the latest special for The Grand Tour.

Called Lochdown, this saw the presenters head to Scotland for the car show.

While promoting the series, the stars made some cheeky jibes about each other.

James told the Mirror how he shouldn’t “associate ” with Jeremy and their co-star Richard Hammond.

He explained: “We are so different we shouldn’t really associate with each other.

“On paper, we should hate one another but it works as a television show.”

Jeremy spoke to Express.co.uk about his co-star, joking: “James gets in the car and thinks about Victorian poetry.

“He doesn’t really know where he is until he goes to the lavatory.

“So, he doesn’t actually think about getting us back, he’s drenched, gets in the car, Victorian poetry.”

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