J Lo Solo in Portofino with Necklace Bearing Ben Affleck's Name

Jennifer Lopez is always in the presence of her BF, Ben Affleck, even if he’s not physically there … because he always hanging around … her neck!

J Lo continues on her birthday vacay without Ben in Portofino, Italy. She strolled through the city Saturday … wearing a necklace with Ben’s name front and center.

We’re told Ben is actually heading back to U.S. soil, so J Lo’s hanging out on the yacht without him.

Now that Ben’s gone, J Lo’s been on her phone nonstop, texting and FaceTiming to occupy her time.

As for the bling … it’s a custom Foundrae charm necklace that Ben gave Jen for her 52nd birthday.

Seems a shame J Lo’s now solo on the yacht … it runs $1.1 million a week, and has all sorts of toys and amenities. In other words, it’s awesome!

Before leaving for the U.S. … Ben joined Jen at a restaurant in Italy, but food seemed secondary as they were all over each other as diners watched.

This is a birthday you don’t want to end … that is, until you run out of cash.

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