‘He gave everything to Emmerdale!’ Danny Miller’s Aaron Dingle exit fuels fan fury at ITV

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Danny Miller, 30, has left Emmerdale abruptly, and fans are unhappy at ITV producers for the way they ended his character’s story on the show. The actor, who plays Aaron Dingle on the show, has left to join I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. 

I can start a new life with my family and see what happens

Danny Miller

Danny has spent over 10 years on the show and followers all over social media have taken to criticising the broadcasting channel for its handling of Aaron Dingle’s exit. 

Sulagna wrote, on Twitter: “Danny gave everything to Emmerdale!! He protected ED. The people I know watch ED only because of him. 

“And they couldn’t give Aaron a memorable exit with #Robron like they did with Ryan?!!

“I am never forgiving these producers for destroying our Aaron. #Emmerdale”

Charlotte K13 wrote: “I’m not surprised @DannyBMiller has left #Emmerdale. He’s barely had any SLs for months – since Robert left it just hasn’t been the same.

“I feel like the writers don’t know wot to do wiv Aaron. Plus as soon as I heard Danny had become a dad I guessed it wudnt be long b4 he left.” (sic)

A Danny Miller Fan Page on Twitter wrote about how ITV hasn’t been using Danny Miller to his “full potential” and have been wasting the character’s story arc for some time. 

They added it was the right time for him to “bow out.”

“Danny has made Aaron an iconic character. He will be missed,” they added. 

Emmerdale have released a statement in praise of Danny for his work as Aaron. 

A spokesperson told Metro: “Danny has achieved so much during his time at Emmerdale playing the role of Aaron. 

“He has had to tackle some of the hardest hitting storylines and has made a lasting impact on the show.”

They added that Danny will be hugely missed and that Aaron is a character very close to viewers’ hearts. 

Danny has been in the role for 13 years and was immersed in gritty storylines during his time on the show. 

The actor explained his decision to leave the show. 

He said that his decision was based on the impulse to “start a new path in life.” 

He added that since he has a child and he is getting married next year, it was time to move on from Emmerdale. 

“I can start a new life with my family and see what happens,” he added. 

Danny’s final scenes are yet to air in the next few weeks. 

He’ll appear in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here line-up from tonight.

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