Hayley Williams Reveals Top 5 Favorite Paramore Songs

Hayley Williams revealed her top 5 favorite Paramore songs after the band’s frontwoman was urged on by her fans.

Williams revealed her choices after a fan noticed she had liked a tweet from author Jay Coles, who had shared his list of favorite Paramore songs.

The top spot was taken by “Told You So” from 2017’s After Laughter. Three other tracks from the album followed, including “Hard Times”, “Pool” and “Rose-Colored Boy”. Fifth place went to “I Caught Myself” from the 2008 Twilight soundtrack.

She also included two honorable mentions, “Hate to See Your Heart Break” and “Tell Me How,” but she admitted that she “cant listen to it.”

After sharing her top 5 list, fans asked her to share what her top 5 would be without After Laughter songs. Her list was the live version of “Future,” “Crazy Girls,” “Fast In My Car,” “Last Hope” and “Ain’t It Fun.”

(Photo: Lindsey Byrnes)

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