Happy Valley fans spot nod to very first episode in closing scenes of tense finale

Fans of BBC police drama Happy Valley spotted a subtle nod back to the very first episode of the show in the closing scenes of last night's eagerly-anticipated finale.

The heart-stopping showdown between protagonist Sergeant Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) and her arch-nemesis Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) resulted in the Yorkshire bad-boy ending it all for himself after realising he'd reached the end of the road.

Tommy set himself on fire during the ultimate episode of the show minutes after coming to terms with the fact that his estranged son Ryan was happier without him.

Despite the fact that Catherine had initially attempted to dissuade serial killer from dousing himself in petrol, fans quickly realised that the show had gone "full circle" with this ending, dubbing the writing as "brilliant".

The widely-adored crime drama's first ever episode – which originally aired in April 2014 – saw no-nonsense Sgt Catherine sent to a playground in her area to handle a drunk and a high local boy named Liam, who was threatening to set himself on fire.

Taking to Twitter moments after making the connection in their heads, fans were quick to point out the similarities between the first and last ever episode, with some noting that it was a fitting end to Catherine's career after a turbulent few years.

One viewer immediately tweeted: "Talk about full circle, Happy Valley started with someone trying to set themselves on fire and then it ends with Tommy Lee Royce setting himself on fire. Phenomenal writing, what a show."

Another added: "#HappyValley comes full circle as Catherine deals with the threat of self-immolation at the beginning, middle and end of her tour."

"Well that was f**king brilliant. First time we saw Catherine she was telling someone not to set themselves on fire, and her last action as a copper was to do the very same thing' praised a third," tweeted a third fan. "TLR going up in flames was definitely a flashback to the first episode!!' came the response from a fourth watcher."

The dramatic finale left fans in shock as they witnessed Tommy go up in flames during his epic showdown with Sergeant Cath.

Having escaped from court and broken into her house with intentions of killing her, serial killer Tommy remained patiently waiting, drinking, for her to return home.

Downing painkillers and alcohol after looking at photos of her late daughter Becky – whom he'd raped and got pregnant, leading to her suicide – he expressed regret over the way he treated her.

Tommy handed over the knife to Cath, who told him: "There's a difference between getting someone pregnant and being a dad! You're braindead psychopath! You're a f**ked up frightened damaged deluded toddler brain in a grown man's body!"

Realising her had nowhere left to turn, Tommy forgave her for keeping the news he had a son from him before setting himself alight as Cath rushed to put out the flames with a blanket before the police arrived, before it was later revealed that he had died from his injuries.


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