Gigi Gorgeous Comes Out for ‘Fourth Time,’ Reveals She’s Pansexual

Gigi Gorgeous is opening up about her sexuality in a new YouTube video.

The 28-year-old social media star says she’s coming out “for the fourth time” and “for the last time.”

Gigi revealed that she’s pansexual in the new video.

“I came out as gay before I transitioned. I came out as transgender and then I came out as gay again,” Gigi said in the clip. “Honestly, those are some of, if not my best, favorite memories. Searching deep within myself, finding out something different and putting a label on it.”

“Since then, I have gotten married to that same person, who has since transitioned,” she added. For those that don’t know, Gigi is married to Nats Getty, who came out as transgender and non-binary in January.

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